Artist Statement

In considering my practice, three key words rise to the surface: 




My work is built upon emotional gesture, strengthened by the empathetic and anamorphic abilities of my chosen mediums. Through experimenting with, laboring over, and dissecting materials, I cull a tender language of discovery, connection, and investigation. 

I have always been drawn to glass, my queerness finding a kinship with its more unusual and dualistic properties. It is hard and soft, transparent and distorting, liquid but not really. It’s uniqueness gives voice to the foundational complexities of living things, and it’s engagement with gravity as a force of change allows us to question that very foundation.

Fibers are a medium of storytelling. By engaging with the long tradition of creating imagery and mementos on paper and cloth, I am connected to a historical, feminine lineage speaking the language of family through the centuries. 

Often stemming from a personal narrative, my sculpture, drawing, and collage aims to connect the emotional content of a specific autobiographical moment to a collective human experience. I count on the understanding that others have felt the same core things as me, and will recognize and engage with the intimate foundation of the work.

My most current work translates personal grief into a larger conversation about emotional literacy, familial legacy, and portraiture. Utilizing making as a means of processing loss, my recent sculptures are time-consuming, and imbued with a sense of remembrance. In 2017, I lost four people whom I loved dearly, and who are honored through making. Each piece considers how objects left behind are charged with the essence of those now gone, through material collages considering their character, presence, and aesthetics.